Biography In English

Hazrat Maulana Fazl-E-Rehman Gunmuradabadi(rehmatullah alaih) Was not only a great Islamic scholar but one of the greatest Auliya Allah of his time .He was a wali by birth. He was born on 1st Ramzan Mubarak 1208 Hijri and died on 21st Rabi ul awwal 1313 Hijri. He use to not drink milk until it was magrib for the whole month of ramzan mubarak. He was so much involved in the love of Allah and our Holy Prophet (Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam) and in the same way our Holy Prophet (Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam) & His Family (Ahle Bayat)use to love him .When ever he wanted he had the didar(vision) of holy Prophet (Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam). He had spend his whole life teaching the qalities of Islam, Sunnah, Love and Humanity. He dedicated his whole life for the welfare of mankind. He had the khilafat from Qadri, Chisti, Nakshbandi and Soharwardi Silsila. He also shares the blood realtion with all this 4 silsila including silsila-e-arabiya. He also took the knowledge of silsila-e-madariya from his pir sahab but his main intrest was in silsila-e-naqsbandiya. Many time he was blessed with the vision of Panjatan Pak(alaih salam), Shaba-E-Karam(radiallahu anhu),  Gause e Pak(radiallahu anhu) he use to call him Nana jan, Mujadid Alif Sani(rahmatullah alaih) and many great personalities.    


He was the son of  Hazrat Makhdoom Shaikh Ahllullah Miyan(rahmatullah alaih) and the grandson of Muhammad Barkatullah Miyan(rahmatullah alaih).
Right from his infancy, the child wasted no time in games and devoted himself completely to prayers. When other children asked him to play, he said to them, "Allah has not sent me for playing in the world." He spoke Kalima (profession of faith) as early as the age of two and a half yers. Those who heard him pray at that age were truly astonished.

Hazrat Maulna Shah Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) comes in the 31st generation of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique(radhi Allah ta'ala anhu) from his father side, and was a Hassani wal Hussaini Sayed from his mother side. He was born in Mallawan Sharif which is in Uttar Pradesh 9km from  Gunmuradabad Sharif there is a very famous mazar sharif of Hazrat Makhdoom Misba-hul-ashiquine urf maghan miyan(rehmatullah alaih) in mallawan sharif. He was so much involved in the love of Allah and his Holy Prophet(sal-lala-laho-tala-alaihi-wasalm) his face was very similar to Holy Prophet(sal-lala-laho-tala-alaihi-wasalm) due to which many Auliya Allah use to come to visit him. He was very Jalali Buzurg when ever he use to see at any tree the tree use to get dry. He use to say that this is not because of me my Allah but you have given me this sift.

visit the link to see his mazar sharif of Hazrat Makhdoom Misba-hul-ashiquine urf maghan miyan(rehmatullah alaih): 

Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) comes in 9th genertaion of Hazrat Makhdoom Misba-hul-ashiquine(rehmatullah alaih). When Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) was hardly eleven years of age when his father passed away. There was a famine in the land and there was nothing to eat in the house. His mother closed the door and the family lived on boiled leaves. She would not let anybody know her misery. She has many rich relatives but she prayed only to Allah for help.


Hazrat Maulana Shah Fazl-e-Rehman Gujmuradbadi(rahmatullah alaih) has said that he learned darse nizami wa fiqah wa usool wa kalam and other islamic things at Bahrul ullom under the guidance of Maulana Mohameed Noor Sahab Firangi Mahal, The father of Maulana Mohameed Noor Sahab use to tell me to sit at his seat(musnad) and use to love him a lot.
Hazrat Maulana Shah Fazl-e-Rehman Gujmuradbadi(rahmatullah alaih) use to read one and half or two parts of Tafseer Fiqah, this was the grace of Allah tala that he use to directly get benefits from the Prophets and Sahabas (may peace be upon them) while reading the books releated to them. Hazrat Gujmuradbadi(rahmatullah alaih) has also said that while reading "Yusuf Jhuleka" he was blessed by Hazrat Yusuf Alaih Salam.
Hazrat Maulana Shah Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradbadi(rahmatullah alaih) reached Delhi for the first time in 1221 Hijri to take bayat from Hazrat Khwaja Afaq Sahab(rahmatullah alaih), Hazrat was well informed from begining that the boy who is coming to take bayat is not an ordinary one, Personality like him is  rearly born, many of the Mashayak and Aulia of that time has prayed to get him but by the grace of Allah he was sent in the hands of Hazrat Khwaja Afaq Sahab(rahmatullah alaih) and so he send his Khulfas and mureed to welcome him from a long distance, Hazrat Khwaja Afaq Sahab(rahmatullah alaih) said about  Hazrat Maulana Shah Fazl-e-Rehman Gujmuradbadi(rahmatullah alaih) that:

 "One day you will dazzle the world like a sun."



After taking bayat Hazrat Maulana Shah Fazl-e-Rehman Gujmuradbadi(rahmatullah alaih) desired his will to learn Usool-E-Hadees Sharif his Pir Sahab Smiled and granted him the permission and gave his blessings, On the first day of his class Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Dhelvi(rahmatullah alaih)(rahmatullah alaih) treated him as a normal student, Hazrat Gujmuradbadi(rahmatullah alaih) slept empty stomach without having any food, but Allah knows what Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Dhelvi(rahmatullah alaih) saw in the night that next day early morning he sent one of his servant to call him but he went in the maghrib after taking permission from his Pir Sahab. Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Dhelvi(rahmatullah alaih) treated him with great love and affection and told him that from today onwards have your dinner with me, after that he started the Hadees class which would start from Isha and last till Tahajud. Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Dhelvi(rahmatullah alaih) sahab use to only allow his Son Inlaw (daughter's husband) Hazrat Sayed Zahiruddine Shaheed to attain class with him. Hazrat Maulana Shah Fazl-e-Rehman Gujmuradbadi(rahmatullah alaih) learned 18 parts of Bhukhari Sharif in one go on which Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Dhelvi(rahmatullah alaih) became very happy and gave his blessings.
Hazrat Maulana Shah Fazl-e-Rehman Gujmuradbadi(rahmatullah alaih) has said that one day the Son Inlaw of Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Dhelvi(rahmatullah alaih) told him that what is the use of teaching Maulvi Fazl-E-Rehman from Isha to Tahajud change the timings. Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Dhelvi(rahmatullah alaih) replied the reason for teaching Maulvi Fazl-E-Rehman alone is that he is learing directly from the bargah(presence) of our Holy Prophet(sal-lal-laho-tala-alahi-wasalm) and this is the only reason why i have asked you to attain the classes so that you might gain something, I suggest you should learn from Hazrat Maulana Shah Fazl-e-Rehman Gujmuradbadi(rahmatullah alaih). He is getting the knowledge of Hadees Shraif directly from Holy Prophet(sal-lal-laho-tala-alahi-wasalm) what ever he wants he asks our Holy Prophet(sal-lal-laho-tala-alahi-wasalm) and it is granted to him.
Then he returned to Ganj Moradabad and resided there. It became a centre of spiritual learning in the country. He built many mosques all over the country. He lived in a very small house. Both Hindus and Muslims flocked to see him for light and wisdom.
His life was very simple. He dressed very poorly. He lived on bajra bread. He lived in a mud house. He used to smoke the hookah because of constipation. His disciple brought him costly clothes but he wore only rags. He did not use a pillow for sleeping. However, he was fond of Delhi shoes and Delhi caps.

Once an Arab asked him for two hundred rupees. He didnot know who the person was. He borrowed the money from a shopkeeper and gave it to him. But the Arab was not satisfied. He wanted another Rs. 50. He also managed that money for hm. Then the ARab demanded a blanket and a pitcher. The Master gave him his own blanket and his own pitcher. Then the Arab wanted Master to write ten letters for him. The Master did that also for an unknown guest. Then the Arab demanded fare for a pony. The Master directed the Arab to take the money from a certain shopkeeper. Such was the Master's limitless generosity and tolerance.

The Master had a miraculous touch and he cured everybody by simply praying for him. He cured some of the most dangerous diseases by simply giving water to the sufferers.


 Family Tree:

Hazrat Sayyedina Abu Bakr Siddiqui(Radi Allahu anhu), Hazrat Imam Mohammed, Hazrat Sayeedina Imam Qasim, Hazrat Abdullah, Hazrat Shaikh Mohammed Hadis, Hazrat Shaikh Mohammed Sabit, Hazrat Shaikh Fakhrool Islam, Hazrat Shaikh Abdullah Rumi, Hazrat Shah Ahmed Kala, Hazrat Shah Mohammed Joun, Hazrat Shah Fakhiudine, Hazrat Shaikh Abu Bakr, Hazrat Shaikh Ahmed Sufi, Hazrat Shaikh Shahbudine Makki Zahid Shaheed (Imam Haram), Hazrat Fakharudine(madarzaat wali), Hazrat Makhdoom Udham Dana, Hazrat Makhdoom Shahbudine Sani Zahid Bihari, Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Mohammed Dawood, Hazrat Mohammed Makhdoom Shah Maghan , Jadeala wa Makhdoom Ala Hazrat Misbahul Ashiquine, Hazrat Makhdoom Hafiz Abdur Raheem Urf Bandegi Miyan, Hazrat Mulla Abdul Latif, Hazrat Maulana Noorullah, Hazrat Shah Saudullah, Hazrat Makhdoom Abdul Qadir, Hazrat Mulla Barkatullah, Hazrat Mulla Mohammed Faiyaz, Hazrat Shaikh Makhdoom Ahlullaah Miyan, Hazrat Maulna Fazl-E-Rehman Gunmuradabadi. May peace be upon them all.

He has shown may miracles in his life a few i am mentioning below:

 Miracles of Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih):

1) Kaba Sharif Came to see Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih):

Once Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) decided to visit the kaba sharif as he use to live with his mom in gujmuradabad sharif his mom told him that son i am to old and as i am not feeling well also you can go latter who will take care of me when you are not here and because of this Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) droped his paln to visit the kaba sharif.
At the same night when he was lying on the bed in his hujra what he saw was unexpectable the kaba was there standing in front of him and the kaba sharif told Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih)that due to urs immense love for Allah and his holy Prophet(sal-lal-laho-tala-alhi-wasalam) Allah has send me to u so that u can see me here.  




 2) Seeing Kaba Sharif In Front While Namaz:

 Waris Piya a great sufi saint from barabanki use to always visit Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) and use to call him chacha jan. He use to say that Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) never made mureed without asking our holy prophet(sal-lal-laho-tala-alihi-wasalm) and whom ever he wanted he would present him in the assembly of our holy prophet(sal-lal-laho-tala-alihi-wasalm).
Waris Piya(rahmatullah alaih) use to not offer namaz due to which his mureed use to not have proper faith on their pir once when waris piya visited Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih).He told waris piya will he offer namaz today with him waris piya immediately yes off course. As soon as all the peope stared praying they saw that they are standing in front of kaba sharif and performing the namaz.As the namaz ended all the murid of waris piya were surprised to se kaba sharif and then Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) told the murid of waris piya that your pir is not an ordinary pir he offer his namaz daily in kaba sharif on hearing this the murid felt ashamed for their attitude towards their pir and felt sorry.Waris piya smiled on this and said to Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) that for so many years he had hided his raz from so many people but you have opened it today.

 After this Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) asked waris piya did he enjoyed offering namaz today on this waris piya told.

"arey chacha jan aise namziya agar koi padhaye to hum roz padab".

Which Means

"If any one like you make me offer this type of namaz then definately i will daily offer the namaz"



 3) Ala Hazrat(rahmatullah alaih) Came to se Fazl-E-Rehma Gunj muradabadi (rahmatullah alaih):

 Once a great scholar known as Ahmed raza (Ala Hazrat) (rahmatullah alaih) came to meet Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih). When He reached at the khutiya (Hut) of Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) he asked the khadim of Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) that he wanted to meet Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih). On which the khadim went to Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) and told him that ahmed raza (rahmatullah alaih) wants to meet. On hearing this Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) said what he want from a fakir there are so many scholars in his khandan(Family). I dont have any thing to give him, after hearing this the khadim told Ahmed raza (rahmatullah alaih) what Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) has told but Ahmed raza (rahmatullah alaih) requested once again to meet him on hearing this Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) called him, Ala Hazrat (rahmatullah alaih) asked Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) what does he think of Milad Sharif instead of repling to the quetion Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) asked him what do you think of "Milaad Sharif " on which Ahmed raza (rahmatullah alaih) replied for me it is mujtahab on hearing the answer Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehma Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) said for me it is sunnat, and said that the Sahaba-e-Karam(Radi Allahu anhu) who use to take part in jihad use to praise our Holy Prophet(Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam) among their people and use to tell all people that how Allah has blessed his Holy Prophet(Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam) and many other things this is what we do in Milad Sharif the only differnce is that the Sahaba-e-Karam(Radi Allahu anhu) use to distribute their head while u people distribute Laddu(sweet) and after this Ala Hazrat(rahmatullah alaih) asked him for any guindance tips on which Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) replied dont do takfir in a hurry, Ala Hazrat(rahmatullah alaih) on hearing this started thinking that i called only those people kafir who disobeys our Holy Prophet(sal-lal-laho-tala-alihi-wasalm) Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) came to know what Ahmed Raza(rahmatullah alaih) was thinking by KASHF and replied yes yes undoubetly if any one disobeys the Holy Prophet(sal-lal-laho-tala-alihi-wasalm) even in a slightest manner is undoubtely Kafir. 

 Then Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) removed his cap(Topi) and placed his cap on the head of ahmed raza (rahmatullah alaih) and said that like the cap is shining on your head ahmed raza (rahmatullah alaih) one day you will shine in the whole universe and as you people can see how the fame of ahmed raza (rahmatullah alaih) is today all over the world because of the dua of Sarkare Fazle Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih). The Topi Mubarak(Cap) is still present at the dargah sharif of Ala Hazrat(rahmatullah alaih) which is in bareily Sharif and is nicely kept with the Taburukat of Ala Hazrat(rahmatullah alaih) and are shown to the people on friday and on some occasion.

4) Waris Ka Koi Waris Nahin:

Waris Pia (rahmatullah alaih) in his life visited Maulana
Shah Fazl-e-Rehamn Gunjmurdabadi (rahmatullah alaih)many times.

 He used to always say "Waris Ka koi Waris nahi".

Once when he visited Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) he was having two sons 1) Shah Ahmed Miya Sahab (rahmatullah alaih) from whom the silsila-e-rehmani has spread and the second one was 2) Saidu Baba (rahmatullah alaih) who was a mazoob by birth.( Mazoob are those who are directly connected to Allah.) Once Saidu was sitting on a small brick wall when he was very young he said "chal mere ghode tik tik tik"  which "means run my horse " like small children do when they are small on hearing this the wall started moving when  Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) heard of this incident he told Saidu baba(rahmatullah alaih) today u have disclosed the secret(raaz) of derveshi(sufism) this should not be done and after few days saidu baba(rahmatullah alaih) took the parda, he was burried in the mazar while he was alive. "in na lil laa he wa in na ilahe rajiun".

Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) use to always tell every one not to disturb Saidu Baba(rahmatullah alaih) in anyways if any thing went wrong i am not responsible.
So when
Waris Pia (rehmatullah alaih) visited Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih)at that time the age of Saidu Baba(rahmatullah alaih) was very young he use to always sit outside the gate at the entrance of the masjid leading to the khanka of Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) So when Waris Pia(rahmatullah alaih) came to Gunjmuradabad sharif as he was entering the masjid he saw Saidu Baba (rahmatullah alaih)sitting at the enterance so for respect he offeres salam to him on which saidu baba asked Waris Pia (rahmatullah alaih)who are you on which Waris Pia(rahmatullah alaih) I am Waris on hearing this Sadu Baba (rahmatullah alaih) replied Allah Waris. After hearing this Waris Pia(rahmatullah alaih) entered the masjid to meet Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih). When they both meet Waris pia asked Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) "arey chachajan who ladka kaun hai jo bahar baitha hai" means who is the boy who is sitting outdise on which Hazrat Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) replied "arey us ne tujhse kuch keh to nahi diya" means had he not said u any thing on which waris pia (rahmatullah alaih) narrated the whole story that happened outside. Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) after hearing the whole thing told "Waris pia(rahmatullah alaih) ki tum bahut nasib wale ho ki us bache ne tum se kaha ki Allah Waris agar wo kehdeta ki Tu kya waris Allah Waris to tum ne jo bhi aj tak paya tha sab khatam hojata" means Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) told Warid Piya(rahmatullah alaih) u are very lucky that the boy said Allah Waris if he would have said u are not the waris but Allah is then u would have lost all the thing which u have got till know.  and from that day waris pia stoped saying Waris ka koi Waris nahi .

Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) has never been to Deva sharif instead Waris Pia (rahmatullah alaih) use to come to him many times he visted Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) with many of his mureeds and use to call him chachajan.



5) The Masjid where Our Holy Prophet (Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam) Offered Namaz :


Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) was sitting in the masjid where his Mazar Sharif(tomb) is our Holy Prophet(Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam) use to visit Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) many times due to the immense love of Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih)  for our Holy Prophet(Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam).

Once when Holy Prophet(Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam) came there our Holy Prophet(Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam) told Hazrat  Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) to offer namaz with him today and on hearing this Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) was so happy and thrilled with joy that he thanked Allah for this day on which he is offering the namaz behind our Holy Prophet(Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam) they both offered two rakat of namaz together and after that our Holy Prophet(Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam) use to offer namaz many times with Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) (SubhanAllah) and he use to never sit on the musalla and not allow any one else to sit on which our holy prophet(Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam) had offered namaz and today his mazar sharif is at the same place where the Holy Prophet (Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam) use to offer namaz.Hazrat has also said that he had offered the namaz with the Holy prophet(Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam) in Zaheri State.



6) Meeting With Maa Khatoone Jannat(Radi Allahu anha): Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) have also mentioned that many times the whole family of Panjatan Pak(Radi Allahu Anhum) use to come here. Once Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) was sitting all of a sudden he told his murred to make preperation to go  to Lucknow, when the mureed enquired what was the reason for the hurry Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) replied that Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Mina Sahab(rahmatullah alaih) has just know told him that Hazrat Biwi Fatima-e-Zohra(Radi Allahu anha) is coming to meet him today and due to which he is in hurry to reach there when he reached the place where the metting was he saw a house from which(noor) divine light was coming and outside which Hazrat Maula Ali Sher-e-khuda(Radi Allahu anha)was standing on seeing him Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) bowed his head down and standed there respectfully Hazrat Maula Ali Sher-e-khuda(Radi Allahu anha) told Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) to go inside the room, he respectfully went inside the room and saw that Maa Khatoon-e-Jannat Hazrat Fatima-e-Zohra (Radi Allahu anha) was sitting there she said to Maulana Shah Fazl-e-Rehman (rahmatullah alaih) come here my son on hearing this Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) went closer and offered salam to her after this Hazrat Fatima(Radi Allahu anha) kissed his fore head and told him that :

"Tum Biradare Hussain Ho"

Means You are like brother of Imam Hussain(Radi Allahu anhu)

Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) also told that Hazrat Maa Ayesha(Radi Allahu anha) also use to come to meet him many times spiritualy and when ever he use to fall ill she use to come in his dream and keep her hand on his head as soon she keeps her hand on his head all the illness vanishes away.Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih)told that who ever will enter the masjid-e-fazle rehmani will be forgiven and will die on iman reciting the kalima not because of him as he is an ordinary man but as our Holy Prophet and his family has visited this masjid many times(SubhanAllah) what a Aullia Allah fakir he was.



7) The Masjids in London:

Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) was giving darse Quran Sharif to his student and read this following verses of Quran Sharif from the Ayat Nasari "Zalika bi ana min hum Fiss si sina..... on this verses Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) said to his students that Allah has bleesed Nisari with respect, Ahmed Makki(rahmatullah alaih) on of his student said u are write and now days there are so many masjid made in Londaon on hearing this Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) smiled and said do u have any idea how there are so many masjids today in London??Ahmed Maki replied sir i dont have any idea Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman    Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) then replied that once Queen Victoria had sent on of his cousins to him and requested to pray for her as she wanted many children, Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) prayed for her and gave the cousin some batashe(sweet) and told him to give to Queen Victoria and told him that tell your Queen not to harm any one Practising Islam and make masjid in London she did the same and was blessed by 9 children.

 8) The Making Of Aligarh University:

 Sir Sayad Ahmed Khan who is the founder of famous Ali garh University was the mureed of Hazrat Ghulam Ali Dhelvi (rahmatullah alaih), Hazrat Ghulam Ali Dhelvi(rahmatullah alaih), was having great respect for Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) Hazrat Ghulam Ali Sahab (rahmatullah alaih) told Hazrat Sir Sayad to take guidance under Hazrat Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) 3 times by coming in his dreams Sir Sayad use take this dream very lightly but he had the same dream for 3 consecutive time he make up his mind to visit Hazrat Fazl-e-Rehman  Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih), one day he sent one of his relative to meet  Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman  Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih).  Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih) told his relative that Hazrat Ghulam Ali Dhelvi (rahmatullah alaih) has already asked me to pray for Sir Sayad and told the relative that tell Sir Sayad dont worry start the work of University i am praying for him and there is no need of him to come here tell him be there and to the work with full heart. 

 There are many more great thing which happen due to this great Auliyas Dua like the Making of Famous Aligarh University, Ala Hazrat (rehmatullah alaih) is famous all over the world due to his dua  Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru was born due to his dua, Sir Luitenant John was blessed by a child by his dua, Haji Shah Waris Ali Shah(rehmatullah alaih) use to visit this great Auliya Most of the time and use to call him Chacha Jaan. These are the few miracles of Fazle Rehma Gunjmuradabadi (rahmatullah alaih).


 9) Dr. Allama Iqbal Sahab came to meet:

Vazir Bhopal Munshi Imtiyaz Ali Fazl-E-Rehmani use to stay in lucknow he meet Dr. Mohammed Allama Iqbal Sahab there only. Munshi Imtiyaz Ali was coming to meet Hazrat Maulana Fazl-E-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rehmatullah alaih), Dr. Mohammed Allama Iqbal Sahab also had a long desire to meet Hazrat Maulana Fazl-E-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rehmatullah alaih) he also readily agreed to come with him on reaching the Astane Aliya Dr. Mohammed Allama Iqbal Sahab asked Hazrat Maulana Fazl-E-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rehmatullah alaih) plz give me some wazifa so that i can have the vision(ziyarat) of our Holy Prophet(sal-lal-laho-tala-alaihi-wasalm) on heariig this Hazrat Maulana Fazl-E-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rehmatullah alaih) replied that true love of our Holy Prophet(sal-lal-laho-tala-alaihi-wasalm) is the only way of having his vision (ziyarat). You love our Holy Prophet(sal-lal-laho-tala-alaihi-wasalm) to such a great extent that our Holy Prophet (sal-lal-laho-tala-alaihi-wasalm) will himself give you the vision(ziyarat), true love is the biggest wazifa.


10) Milad Sharif and Chiragh(lamps):

Chowdhary Mohammed Azeem sahab fazl-e-rehmani talukedar sandila asked Hazrat Maulana Fazl-E-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rehmatullaha alaih) for a programe of Maulud Sharif as it was 12th rabi-ul-awwal, Hazrat Maulana Fazl-E-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rehmatullaha alaih) replied my Hakim Niyaz Ahmed Faizabadi (rehmatullah laiah) will read Maulud Sharif inform the near by people of the village about the program. Chowdhary Mohammed Azeem sahab fazl-e-rehmani did so and lit 12 chiragh(lamps) in the masjid one gentle man did not liked this act of litting the lamps, he said it is (israf) waste of money to lit so many lamps, Hazrat Maulana Fazl-E-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rehmatullaha alaih) came to know about this with his siritual powers he called that man and told him that if you think that litting so many lamps is a waste of money that put the lamps off which you think are excess, The gentle man went inside the masjid and put off the 1st lamp and went for the 2nd as he put off the 2nd one the 1st one automatically got lit up, he again put off the 1st lamp the 2nd lamp got lit up he did this for all the lamp and failed to put off any of them and came back. Hazrat Maulana Fazl-E-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rehmatullaha alaih) told him what happened where is your (israf) waste of money gone now, If you have not seen sight of Iklas see this .
It is the love by which the lamps were lit up for Milad Sharif they are still burning. Sher Mohammed Farukhabadi felt very ashamed on his act and took the bayat and cried for a very long duration. All of a sudden Hazrat Maulana Fazl-E-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rehmatullaha alaih) got up and stood at the mimber and started reciting Naat Shairf and Zikr Wiladat (sal-lal-laho-tala-alahi-wasalm) in a very spiritual way, after reading the Salato Salam Hazrat Fazl-E-Rehman (rehmatullaha alaih) made fatiha on the imarti (sweet) he himself had one and distributed 2-2 amongs others.


 Family Of Hazrat Maulana Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rehmatullah alaih) :

 Hazrat Maulana Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rehmatullah alaih) had 2 sons the elder one Hazrat Ahmed Miyan Sahab(rehmatullah alaih) he was a born Wali and Kutub our Holy Prophet(sal-lal-laho-tala-alahi-wasalm) told about the kutbiyat of Hazrat Ahmed Miyan Sahab(rehmatullah alaih) when he was new born baby.
The name of younger brother is Hazrat Sayed Mohammed Urf Saidu Baba(rehmatullah alaih), He was a born mazoob and was a great Aulia Allah and was buried Alive while he was just 18 years. There is a very intresting story about this which i will tell u later. After The Parda of Hazrat Maulana Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi (rehmatullah alaih) Hazrat Ahmed Miyan Sahab(rehmatullah alaih) became the gadi nasheen. He had 2 sons Elder One Hazrat Rehmatullah Miyan Sahab(rehmatullah alaih) who was the abdal of his time and younger one Hazrat Nematullah Miyan Sahab(rehmatullah alaih) he was arif -e-dauran and also a kamil wali Allah and was so generous that if he saw any one naked on the street then he would give his clothes to him.
After the Parad(veil) of Ahmed Miyan Sahab(rehmatullah alaih) Hazrat Rehmatullah Miyan Sahab(rehmatullah alaih) became the gadi nasheen.
His son died in childhood so he took 2 elder sons fom his younger Brother Hazrat Nematullah Miayn Sahab(rehmatullah alaih). Hazrat Nematullah Miayn Sahab(rehmatullah alaih) was having 2 wife,from whom he had in total 5 sons from the 1st wife he had 2 sons and from 2nd wife he had 3 sons the  elder one was Hazrat Afzalur Rehman urf Bhole Miyan(rehmatullah alaih) who is my Pir Sahab, 2nd was my nana Hazrat Mohammed Miyan(rehmatullah alaih) they were from the first wife, and from the second wife were  Hazrat Afaq Miyan Sahab(rehmatullah alaih), then Hazrat Fazlu Miyan Sahab(rehmatullah alaih) the present gaddi nashen and last Hazrat Rafiq Miyan Sahab(rehmatullah alaih).
Hazrat Rehmatullah Miyan Sahab took the whole responsibility of them and thaught ilme shariyat and tarikat and gave the responsibility of khanka to both of them.
Hazrat Bhole Miyan Sahab(rehmatullah alaih) became the gaddi nasheen and under the guidance of his Pir Became a kamil Aulia Allah. He attained both Fana and Baka.

Hazrat Mohammed Miyan Sahab also became a wali Allah and took the parda.

from all the 5 brothers all have taken veil only Janab Hazrat Fazlu Miyan is there now taking care of the gaddi .

He is a man of great personality and is blessed by many things his face is very noorani and he is now spreading the silsila-e-rehmani all over my mamu Janab Papu Miyan helps him in this nobel task.



The above notes are taken from the book Rehmat Wa Neemat and Afzaal-E-Rehmani

These books are written by Hazrat Shah Bhole Miya sahab(rahmatullah alaih) urf Afzalur rehman (rahmatullah alaih) my Pir Sahab under the guidance of Hazrat Rehmatuallah miyan sahab (rahmatullah alaih) who was Abdal and son of Ahmed Miya Sahab(rahmatullah alaih) who was the son of Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih). Hazrat Shah Bhole Miya sahab(rahmatullah alaih) was the gaddi nashine of the dargah sharif a great sufi and a great saint whose love for  Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehma Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) was immense and so great that can not be describe in words. Hazrat Shah Bhole Miya sahab(rahmatullah alaih) has spent his whole life at the dargah sharif of Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehma Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) preaching people the message of Allah and his beloved Prophet(Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam). He has Made many mureed all over the world spreading the silsila-e-Rehmania. He was very strick in nature and can not withstand any gustaki for Allah and his Holy Prophet(Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam) and for any Auliya-e-karam. He comes in the 4th generation of Hazrat Maulana Fazl-E-Rehman Gunmuradabadi(rehmatullah alaih).

If any one wants to visit the mazar-e- akdas the he has to get down at kanpur station and from the bus stand catch the bus directly to Gunjmuradabad Sharif. It is hardly 90 kms from kanpur and 40 kilometers away from Makhanpur Sharif where the Mazar-e-akdas of Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar(ra) is situated.

The Hamd sharif & Mankabat sharif which is playing in the background leaving "Ay Saba Mustafa Se Kehdena" is read by my very close frnd Syed Muhammad Ali Farrukh Hashmi Qadri Fazl-e-Rehmani who is from karachi pakistan.