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Assalam alikum welcome to the website of our silsila-e-rehmani, The founder of this silsila is Owais-E-Dauran, Gaus-E-Zaman, Kutub-Ul-Waqt Janab Hazrat Maulana Shah Fazl-E-Rehman Gunjmuradabdi (rehmatullah alaih).He was the Gaus, Kutub, Imam & one of the greatest Mujadid of his time, He had spend his whole life teaching the qalities of Islam, Sunnah, Love and Humanity, He is amongst the few Auliya Allah who is the epitome of love Of Allah and his Holy Prophet(sal-lal-laho-tala-alaihi-wasalm).

He has shown many miracles which is listed in the biography section, The Whole Family Of Panjatan Pak Use to come to see him, He has blessed Imam Ahmed Raza urf Ala Hazrat (rehmatullah alaih) and many great personlaties of that time in such a way that today their names are spread all over the world.

Our website captures the Biography of this great Auliya Allah, Shijra Mubarak, Important Zikr & Wazaif and many great things from which one can gain benefit read and do leave your comments in the guestbook section.



Allah Hafiz,

Mazhar Rehmani